I was born in Ponte Dell’Olio, Italy. My mother is from Honduras, my father is from Italy.

Thank to my father I felt in love with judo at a young age, catching good goals since the beginning.

Fighting is my passion, that’s why I improved my technical skills in Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, beginning my journey through MMA as the top of that experience.

I lost my first match, and the second and the third too but I’m a crazy spirit and I kept keeping my balls high till the first strike. I won finally!


I moved to Brescia and then to the States, I fought several matches with a new approach, I realized I could speed up my body and my mind to another level.

I gained what I was looking for… I was up in the UFC crew.

I was feeling like a child, nervous, tricky, my legs were rumbling, I couldn’t stop laughing: it was like… the Cage is here, and people still standing at me… So I thought that that was my time and I’m gonna take it!

And I started to win.


Braveheart, tears, step by step, brick by brick.

Never give up. It-girl for life!

So, now I’m happy to share with you all that I am the first Italian woman fighter in UFC and I am ready to give 100 percent every day.

In my future, my fitness will be coming here, at the American Top Team in Miami where I take all the glory for myself.

Mara Romero Maravilla

Today I’m a professional MMA fighter, first and only italian woman in UFC, I’m training at American Top Team of Miami, and I’m ready to give 100 percent every day.

I am Mara Romero Borella “Maravilla”.